Why would I want to hire a life coach?

We all want to live our best lives. We all want to grow. But with the pace of life these days, we are lucky if we can just get by. Hiring a life coach can provide the support you need to make your dream life happen. Whether you want a yummier romantic relationship, to feel more meaning and joy in your work, or just to love yourself more, it takes time and energy to midwife these transformations.

Hiring a life coach can help you to:

1. Carve out time.

You put your dreams to the top of your list so that they get some of your precious attention before the endless email inbox. If you can carve out time to work on your dreams on your own, more power to you! For many of us, we need to create some structure with social accountability in order to give this important, but usually not-so-urgent, cause the attention it deserves.


2. Understand what is really going on.

Perhaps you've been feeling "off" lately--just not quite like yourself. You wonder, is it your relationship? What you've been eating lately? Maybe you need a career change? Figuring out what is really going on is not only half the battle, it's nearly the whole battle!  When we know what is really happening within our bodies and our souls, we feel infinitely more relaxed. The next steps we need to take emerge effortlessly. To get to this place of understanding requires both deep listening and mapping how you got there.  It is possible to do this on your own, but just as easy to get lost along the way. Having someone there to listen, take notes, provide an external perspective, and help you see the whole picture can massively shorten the time between confusion and clarity.


3. Make an effortless plan.


We've all had moments of inspiration that hit us after a vacation or a good night's sleep. We have the answer! Next steps become clear; maybe even a whole plan emerges. But after a few days, the motivation and clarity have faded and the same patterns and habits are ruling the roost again. True transformation is possible. We are talking about the kind of change where you look back at life a year ago and think, "I can't even remember what it felt like to be so miserable." To get there requires sustained attention. Our habits, beliefs and life structures are there for good reason.They are woven altogether in the fabric of our life. Unraveling the threads and weaving a new fabric takes a plan. One that is both grand and inspiring, but also boiled down to the very next, effortless step. With a plan like this, something as simple as washing a dish can feel like you are, literally, making your lifelong dreams come true. Right now.


4. Actually do the thing.


Dreams can be painful. Facing the vast expanse we see between what we have and what we want can feel excruciating. Often, it is easier to watch Netflix than deal with what is really bothering us. But a year from now, do we want to be the same situation? For many of us, being accountable to another person can help us to keep taking steps forward, even when we don't feel like it.

5. Show you how awesome you are.


When we desperately want to change our lives, it's all too easy to obsess over what feels wrong. We can miss all the ways that we are already building the life we dream of. A life coach can hold up a mirror so you can see your talents and successes. This makes it a lot more fun! And it's easier to celebrate each small success. In fact, you'll find that doing so not only feels great (like you've accomplished the whole thing!), but it also shortens the time it takes to get where you want to go.


6. Feel supported.


You don’t have to do this alone. You deserve a community of people helping you live your best life. Let’s get that for you.

Life should feel juicy, because it is.


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