Life Coaching

Do you hate unsolicited advice?

"You should really try this diet."

"You should get up early in the morning to exercise."

"You should just focus more, and work harder so your business will be successful."


The best of intentions, others or our own, can really drag us down. Surely, we want to get beyond the problems we have with our relationships, money, career, and health. As. Fast. As. Possible. It can be excruciating to sit with the pain of our problems, so otherʻs advice and "I should really..." and "Just do it" mentality can seem like the only option to get to the other side. But, thereʻs another, more effective way to get there.

If we can really listen to our problems, we can use them to discover how uniquely awesome we are.



As we learn what our problems have to teach us, we get that magic ticket to upgrade. Suddenly, simple solutions emerge as if they were there all along (hint hint: they were). Taking action is easy. Voila! Human upgrade complete.

As we grow, we get better and better problems. Now that we understand the magical gifts that hide within them we welcome them with glitter confetti, wrap a fabulous boas around our necks, and dance into the adventure of learning how awesome we are. Life is exciting and we actually make progress towards our goals. No "shoulding" or shaming necessary.

What do I do?


I listen to you. I summarize what you say. You get to hear out loud what you find out about yourself. You feel like a genius, because you are. I offer reflections with your permission. We follow the trail until we understand your situation inside and out. We learn the map of your soul, and make records so you can find your way again.

In the process, we find out what you need to do to make a difference in this problem. What is the most practical leverage point for effecting change? What is the tiniest next step to move this growth forward? We donʻt stop until we find the simple action you want to take, that will shift this problem that plagues you. You leave feeling whole--smart, special, powerful--more like YOU. You outgrow your problems.

What kind of problems?


Truly, anything. But thatʻs vague and probably not very helpful. So far, I have worked with clients on their business, productivity, depression, soul searching for life purpose and career, navigating family drama, discerning the beginning and ending of long term relationships, finding solutions for chronic pain, modifying diet, and arranging finances.

Sometimes we discover that the answers we seek are lodged in the nonverbal parts of your brain, so we go to bodywork to feel what is going on physically. There we listen to your muscles, bones, and energy system until something shifts. Emotions release. Physical constriction relaxes. Insights emerge.

How do I know this?

Iʻve been through it. Iʻve always been a self-help junkie. Iʻve taken training after training, overshared problems in tea with friends, tried myriad bodywork modalities and therapists. Until finally, I found a system that helped me make some headway. I train with the magical person who teaches that system, Master Kim. I owe all of my sanity and productivity of my adult life to his support. I have been apprenticing formally for the past five years.


Cell: (734) 531-9691


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