You want to make a change in your life,

but have little confidence you’ll stick with it.

Get some support in the

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#GOALS: Support and Accountability for Overwhelmed Creatives

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#GOALS is...

  • A private facebook group

  • For creative + sensitive people brimming with talent and big ideas to change the world

  • But struggling to get stuff done whether it's at home, work, or volunteering.

  • This membership provides encouraging support and accountability to build one's dream life in the midst of spinning plates and overwhelm

  • So a person can feel confident, relaxed, and inspired that they are pursuing their dreams and giving their gift to the world.






This may be for you if..

  • You’re great at starting new things so the first few days or weeks of a goal are golden, but then you fall off the wagon

  • You get stuff done but it feels like you're gritting your teeth and working too hard to pull it off

  • You're organized at work but your home life feels stressful

  • You're a parent who has to make time for their projects in the margins

  • You have health challenges that make it difficult to grow in career, relationships, or whatever else

  • You have a million great ideas and difficulty focusing on any one long enough to bring it to life





In this community you will have the opportunity to...

  • Identify your priority life area. We can do anything, but not everything. 

  • Establish an easy task or routine that will take you to your dream over time.

  • Make progress on your project -- whether it be to increase your self-care, strengthen your finances, build a side hustle, get that passion project rolling, or whatever else your heart desires.

  • Feel like you are *finally* getting where you want to go.

  • And revel in being more present with your life and loved ones because your life is running more smoothly.






This membership community includes...

  • A small support circle where you can celebrate your victories and identify next steps to reach your goals 

  • A private facebook group where you can get support from like-minded community

  • Weekly short lessons on how to build your dream from the tiniest margins of a busy life

  • Tailored to be easy for people who need structure to make progress

  • Designed to get results in as few as 15 minutes weekl








The method...


This membership group is inspired by the principles and teachings of the SUN SHEN System. 


Created by my Teacher, Master Kim, it is a complete spiritual system that integrates the wisdom of Tai-Chi, Christian Mysticism, and modern science to help you build yourself an ecosystem in which you can thrive. 


It is the wisdom of the ancients for how to live in harmony with the universe, as applied to your email inbox, work-life balance, relationships, and everything else. How can your whole life feel like you’re relaxing in a retreat custom-tailored for you? Where you can revel in presence and bliss while also taking care of the necessities of your everyday life. Where you know you are giving your best to the world and feeling fabulous while doing it. 


This membership group is designed to help you do just that--to claim your life in the most effortless way possible. 





This community is in round 2 of a beta test.


What that means is...

  • Personalization. You get the chance to shape this community to meet your own personal needs.

  • Open feedback loop. Your feedback is invaluable and will be asked for regularly.

  • Low rate. You get in with a lower rate and will be grandfathered in to future pricing tiers.







Your Investment...

  • $15/monthly 

  • Minimum weekly commitment to check-in with your support circle (click the link to sign-up for more details)








About Me...


My name is Emily Presley. I'm an Integrative Life Coach offering online and in-person consultations and bodywork. Since 2013, I have been a Disciple of Master Kim, an enlightened spiritual teacher integrating the wisdom of Tai-Chi, Christian Mysticism, and modern science. Discipleship is an uncommon tradition for many of us, so translation: I have been professionally apprenticing for 7+ years. SUN SHEN, the School for Spiritual Development founded by Master Kim, offers a complete spiritual system that uses ancient spiritual tools integrated to address the complexities of modern life. The SUN SHEN System helps one to cultivate a personal life ecosystem in which they can thrive and live their purpose.


Years ago I was floundering in a sea of great world-changing ideas, and an absence of the life stability I needed to make them happen. I would join community organizing group and dive into activism, only to drop out months later from burnout. As a highly sensitive person with attention-deficit and health challenges, I needed more than your average productivity tips in order to build a life that felt enjoyable and brimming with of a sense of progress towards my dreams. My passion is to help creative, talented people build lives that feel generously relaxed, so they can give their gifts to the world as they so desire to do. This membership group is the community I wish I had years ago, and is built on the collection of teachings that helped me to finally make progress towards my dreams. 


Other than that, I'm a saucy lady who loves to dance, cheer loudly, and take epic naps. 


Doing life doesn't have to be so hard.

We can do it together.



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