Are you an entrepreneur who could use a

 time-saving boost of support

to stabilize your business

or take things to the next level?






  • A facilitated accountability group

  • Weekly zoom check-in - 40 minutes max

  • Gentle, self-accepting accountability witnessed by your circle

  • Based on Taoist principles of harmonizing with the universe. Things like: 

    • “There is no failure, only feedback.”

      • It didn’t happen? That’s not a failure; it’s an opportunity for self-understanding and trying again with this new data.

    • “Small is great.” 

      • Breaking tasks into small pieces you feel motivated to do.

    • What do you want to do?

      • Moving beyond “shoulding on ourselves” as a form of motivation 






This may be for you if:

  • You have limited time and want a focused container in your life that you can throw tasks into. Struggling to write that email this week? Tell your group you will do it. Now, you have a built in motivation system. 

  • You’re better at keeping commitments to others than to yourself (Hello “Obligers,” no shame there! You’re in good company!) 

  • You have lots of great ideas but struggle with follow through

  • You’re looking for motivation to take care of a piece of business you’ve been dragging your heels on

  • Accountability groups with friends or colleagues have fallen apart on you in the past





The magic boost from accountability groups

Have you ever been in a great accountability group before? When it works, it’s magical. It’s like a turbo boost on your engine for making progress, and feeling good. It can feel like you’ve got this superhero team backing you up--you’re no longer alone in this entrepreneurial hustle! It’s glorious.


What I’ve found from much trial and error throughout my career is it requires someone to hold down the fort, to keep the energy centered when people get busy. It can certainly work between friends or colleagues who hold the space for each other, but at least one person has to be the one keeping everyone meeting together, especially when people get busy.


I’m offering this service to meet the need and help super power you, an entrepreneur who wants to make the world a better place and would love a little boost. 


The investment

Acknowledging the financial challenges some may be experiencing at this time, I am offering this service on a pay-what-you-can basis.


In case you are looking for a gauge on which to base your contribution, the street value of this comes in at around $200/month. Before coronavirus, I was planning on offering it at $100/month (only $25/session). 


6 spots left! 


If you’re interested, please let me know and I’ll follow up with you with the rest of the details.


Cell: (734) 531-9691


In-Person Sessions in Ann Arbor, MI

Remote Sessions Worldwide

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