Wake the Dreams into Reality*

An 8 Week Coaching Intensive

For wild creatives

to get their preverbial houses in order

and bring those dreams to fruition

from overwhelmed and frustrated 

to confident and proud

You’re an absolute genius.


Creative ideas flow in abundance. You’ve had these rockstar moments where you swoop in, save the day, make the thing happen, but then other times you have felt depressed, lost and overwhelmed with the regular day-to-day of life. 


Sometimes, it feels like the only way to reclaim your life is to go off on retreat or vacation. But back home, after the high wears off, you feel like you’re back where you started.


You wonder: I know I am magical, so why can’t I show up that way all the time? 


In this intimate program, through live classes,  1-1 coaching in a supportive group setting, and a private facebook community, you’ll learn insider secrets on how to go from feeling like you’re flailing to confidently making progress towards the life of your dreams.


For 3 lucky people


  • 6 group sessions

    • 2 one-on-one coaching sessions for you, without interruption, in a supportive community setting

    • 4 sessions to witness and be inspired by your friends breakthroughs

  • 1 private session

Sundays, 4:00 - 5:15 PM Eastern

Required online attendance via zoom



  • 8 live classes sharing customized + implementable practices, resources, and inspiration on topics like:

    • journaling for quick decision making, emotional processing, and staying on task

    • pacing for sustainable effort

    • practical prioritzation when life is complex

    • building structure and routine that works for you

  • private facebook community providing

    • daily accountability and inspiration

    • weekly facebook live Q+A to answer comments and questions

  • first and last group coaching sessions providing the opportunity to give an extended check-in on your goals and victories


Wednesdays, 10:30 - 11:00 AM Eastern

Live classes recorded to view at your convenience.


Cell: (734) 531-9691

Email: emilypresley@gmail.com

In-Person Sessions in Ann Arbor, MI

Remote Sessions Worldwide

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