Are you tired of feeling off?


I focus on problem solving so you can feel like yourself again. Injury, chronic pain, sticky emotional patterns--you name it, we work on it. Each session is tailored to your needs, and oriented towards finding lasting solutions that work for you. This clothed bodywork session intuitively combines energy healing and meridian-based massage to resolve stress, tension and trauma stored in your nervous system, fascia and muscles. It's a potent, gentle session and the results unfold over the following days in your life as a whole.

Clients speak of feeling affirmed in the depths of who they are--more centered, stronger, having more clarity, purpose and passion. These sessions are especially helpful for people resolving taxed nervous systems (PTSD, Stress, Anxiety, etc.), physical injuries, chronic physical or emotional pain, spinal and cranial imbalances, and more.

Benefits clients have reported after 1 session:

  • feeling more relaxed than they can remember feeling in years

  • lasting relief from pain (shoulders and hips, plantar fasciatis, etc.)

  • restoration from chronic injury (biking and playing basketball after)

  • feeling more physically aligned with better posture, more effortless movement, and better balance

  • "moving on:" emotional release of old romantic relationships

  • feeling deeply centered in their spirit

  • feeling belonging and support


How does it work?


Our bodies are intelligent, and quite vocal if we are willing to hear what they have to say. I listen to your body and what sort of movement it appears to be desiring. Using massage, joint mobilization, chi healing, and more, I support the gentle movement of skin, fascia, muscle, bone, and energy towards positioning that better serves you.


In this process, you might experience deep sighs, falling asleep, digestive gurgles, emotional release, surges of energy--the sky is the limit. As the sessions proceed at the level of comfort for your nervous system, the experience tends to be deeply relaxing and restorative. Results tend to be longer lasting than relaxation or deep tissue massage, as they are focused on allowing your system to realign itself, and to maintain its alignment in your moving body.


Sometimes we find that with a long standing injury or emotional pattern, we need to understand how this fits into your life as a whole. In that case, we weave in life coaching techniques to intellectually understand the underlying elements that are expressing themselves as pain in your life.

My Professional Experience

I have been practicing bodywork and energy healing professionally for the past 10 years. My emphasis is on techniques that deeply relax the nervous system and effectively address pain and injury. My goal is to help you feel even more juicy and thrilled to be alive.

My healing style comes from the integration of all my training, especially my current in-depth studies for over 2 years in the SUN SHEN Healing System, a Tai Chi healing lineage taught by Master Kim. In 2009, I was trained as massage therapist with a specialty in craniosacral therapy, reiki and acupressure.


Cell: (734) 531-9691


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