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Supporting you to transform your

daily life from stressful to juicy.

We can work on many types of issues.

Some may be:



  • Unsatisfying romantic relationships and sex life

  • Feeling "off" and not knowing exactly why

  • Meaningless job

In Person and Online


  • Joint and muscle pain

  • Headaches

  • Feeling anxious or depressed

  • Feeling stressed all the time


In Person and Online

Home Organizing

  • De-cluttering

  • Creating systems that organize themselves

  • Maintenance and deep cleaning

  • Energetic clearing


In Person only







Excavate the root cause of your problem. Remember who you are. Build a plan to make your dream life a reality.  Chart the step by step process to get there.

Restore your nervous system to a relaxed state. Release old wounds. Unwind stuck emotions.

Rewire unhelpful belief systems.

Supercharge your life.

Build a life that makes you feel juicy all the time. Permanently transform your mind, body and spirit to become even more of who you are meant to be.

3 steps to your Dream Life


  • We have a 30 minute phone call to see if I'm a good fit for what you're looking for.

  • You decide if you want to start with coaching, bodywork or household organization.

  • We schedule your first session. It's free, for a limited time!




  • You complete a questionnaire before your first session, allowing us to jump right in to resolving your problem.

  • In your session, I ask questions, summarize and reflect as you share your story.

  • We excavate the root cause of the problem and make a plan for how often and long to work together.


  • You experience it and see if you like how it makes you feel.

  • I get a better sense of the problem you want to resolve, and we discuss a plan for how often and long to work together.

Home Organizing.

  • I visit your home for an hour-long visit to discuss your needs and desires (and get started, if we can).

  • We come up with a plan for how often and how long to work together.




  • In the next session, we excavate the root cause of your problem and find an easy next step, a perfect leverage point, to resolve it.

  • Rinse and repeat in each session until you’ve outgrown your problem. Because the solutions are tailored to you, they are sustainable and become a part of the fabric of your life.

  • That is to say, the goal of this work is to help you grow so you don't feel the need for my help anymore.



  • We work on the issue you would like to resolve, helping you feel more relaxation and pleasure.

  • Rinse and repeat until the issue is resolved. As this happens, it becomes clear whether less frequent maintenance appointments would be helpful.

  • As we work together, I make recommendations for exercises and referrals as needed and as welcomed.

Home Organizing.

  • We work the plan for organizing through regular sessions until the goal is achieved.

  • We set up systems that are easy for you to maintain so you can manage it independently if you desire.



"After our first session, my right shoulder is remarkably better!  Like, way more than I would have thought possible.  I can raise both my arms out to my side and over my head and back down without popping and pain. Amazing. The best part is the emotional effects, though.  I've just felt happy. It's so weird and can't explain why.   I feel like I can be myself more, without apology." 

- Larry

"Emily is an incredible life coach and doula. She has the gift of being a great listener and translator. The tools and strategies that she brought to each of our sessions helped me better understand my feelings and emotions, and most importantly, to work through them."

- Noelle

"We are busy people and haven't had the time or resources to keep order in our home, which has been an on-going drain on our energy.  Emily has taken the stress off of us, leading the process with clear vision, and calm. We felt such a sense of relief when we came home after her first day organizing and saw what an improvement she had made in just a few hours.


"Emily is a great listener and has catered the process to our unique needs.  She has helped set up systems to fundamentally improve our quality of life, not just make temporary fixes."

- Alexis and Meghan

Why would I want to hire a life coach?

We all want to live our best lives. We all want to grow. But with the pace of life these days, we are lucky if we can just get by. Hiring a life coach can provide the support you need to make your dream life happen. Whether you want a yummier romantic relationship, to feel more meaning in your work, or just to love yourself more, it takes time and energy to midwife these transformations...



I’m a life coach who helps you to identify what you need in order to feel juicy every day, and to practically implement it. My work is informed by the broad scope of my professional training including over 5 years of discipleship with Master Sang Kim in the SUN SHEN System, a Bachelor of Arts degree in religion with a focus in neuroscience, and over 9 years as a massage therapist and energy healer.


I thrive on capturing both the detail and breadth of your life story. I have a knack for finding the best leverage point and very next step to transform the whole of your life. My passion is to see your life resonate with joy from top to bottom. You are a superhero on an epic journey. I’m delighted to be a companion on the road.


Cell: (734) 531-9691


In-Person Sessions in Ann Arbor, MI

Remote Sessions Worldwide

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